Search engine positioning

Search engine positioning

Positioning a website for search engines means increasing one’s visibility on the internet and consequently increasing the chances to receive contacts.

valutazione gratuita sito webAppearing in the first or the second page of google (and other search engines) through specific keywords connected with your firm (as well as your products or services) can help considerably the hits to your website increase and at the same time it can increase sales and contacts.

Organic Search engine positioning requires a close analysis of the targets of your firm, as well as technical interventions on the web pages of your website. A well-organized indexation allows you to have long-lasting results and it hasn’t got any additional costs but the ones for optimization; then, our web agency will monitor the results and will assure a service level which will come up to your expectations.

Search engine placement includes the following steps:

  • Identifying the keywords
  • Elaborating a keyword that will increase the possible solutions and versions;
  • Optimizing the pages of your website so that they will include the main keywords for the search.

Obviously, deciding the main keywords means establishing if these will be the words that your potential customers will use for their search with the engines.

Remember that a website which has been optimized for search engines must always follow the compulsory rules of usability: the website must be easily usable and its sections, products and services as well as the contacts module must be identified immediately.

Our web agency supervises in a professional way the following aspects:

  • The strategy addressed to visitors
  • The structure of the website
  • The optimization and the organization of the contents..

Our offer for website placement changes according to what our customer is going to invest in:

  • Ground-level indexation,
  • Intermediate indexation,
  • Advanced indexation

If you want the visibility of your website to increase, contact us for an estimate for free and without obligation to have your website indexed.

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