Local search engines: posizionamento all'estero

Local search engines

How to advertise your website in other countries and let it know all over the world. China, Germany, USA, the whole world. Users are closer than you expect.

Of course, Google can be considered universally as the most important search engine in the world. In Italy it is used by most of the users. In fact, more than 90% of them do their search on the web using google.

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But in some other countries the situation is not the same. For example, in China Google has to deal with Baidu, in the USA with Yahoo and Microsoft Live, which, because of huge investments, have been getting some important market shares.

To be placed among foreign search results there are some important rules, such as:

  • Registering a local domain name (for Spain .es; for France .fr…);
  • Using only one language in a domain (no more multi-language websites but as many domains as languages)
  • Looking for keywords in the languages that you are interested in, which are not a mere translation of the Italian ones;
  • Knowing the characteristics of local search engines.

These and other tricks are essential to get good results in placing your website abroad.

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