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Pay per click campaigns

We supervise your pay per click campaigns optimizing their output and cutting down on expenses.

Google offers you the best way to invest in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), that is, it gives you the chance to improve the placement among search results immediately thanks to “adwords”.

pay per click

Thanks to the AdWords service, google allows us to put our ads in special spaces of search results (see picture above – red box) at a cost which is calculated according to the number of clicks of our customers on our ad.

Making a successful marketing campaign which brings concrete results means knowing the variables and the trends which have a direct or indirect influence on the pay per click campaign.

  • What keywords do users often type in?
  • What is more visible? Banners or text ads?
  • How can I plan the display of my ads?
  • What daily budget do I have to establish?

Investments in pay per click campaigns are perfectly customizable both in price and time length.

Why should you rely on RSW Studio?

  • Because we will find out the most suitable keywords for your SEM campaign professionally and through a careful analysis of the market of reference.
  • Because we will take care of your campaign weighing -if necessary- every single setting again.
  • Because we will offer you an analysis of the campaign results in real time.
  • Because we have known AdWords for several years and our experience with this service is remarkable.

If you want to have a pay per click marketing campaign planned and your website promoted on search engines, do contact us for an estimate for free and without obligation.

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